Dog-Related Downloads

Are you busily loading music, games, and video onto a shiny new iPod, PDA, or computer? Why not add some dog-related information and entertainment? Here are some free audio downloads:

  • Dogcast radio offers downloads of more than 30 UK-based canine podcasts. You’ll find everything from interviews with well-known experts to topics for kids. Check the subject or episode indices.
  • Pet World Radio features interviews with a wide variety of “dog people” from Jean Donaldson to Betty White, and topics like Canine Freestyle and coping with summer heat.
  • K9 Cast with Walter and Tara offers more than 60 podcasts covering a variety of canine topics. Search the archives at the upper right of their blog.

A number of dog-related audio books are available for purchase from sites like and An audio version of the classic Don’t Shoot the Dog is available on Karen Pryor’s (as well as dog training eBooks which can be read on your PDA or computer.)

Why not find a good audio book and listen to it the next time you’re on the road to a dog show!