Your Dog Events Calendar for 2007

Getting ready for the New Year? Why not put together your own calendar of fun dog events in your area? You’ll find events you and your dog can participate in, and others where you can just sit back and enjoy the show.

To find events:

  • Local dog clubs or individuals may maintain websites that focus on your area. These can be goldmines. Search for the keywords “dogs”, “events” and “your city” in your favorite search engine.
  • Read your local paper
  • Contact local dog clubs
  • Ask trainers and students at training facilities
  • Inquire at animal shelters
  • Check for flyers in local dog-related businesses. Talk to the staff.
  • Is there a local venue that often hosts dog events? Ask for their event listing.
  • Check with the AKC for conformation, obedience, rally, tracking, and agility.
  • Are you interested in a particular dog sport? Check the parent organization’s event calendar. Find the organization by querying your favorite search engine with the name of the sport (i.e. “agility”, “schutzhund”, or “flyball”) and “organizations”.
  • If you have a breed you’re interested in, check with their parent club for local activities. Often these wonderful events are not widely-publicized. Some examples are:
    • Australian Shepherd Club of America herding trials
    • Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America carting competitions
    • Newfoundland Dog Club of America water rescue tests

Some non-dog events in your town are great to take dogs to. In St. Louis, many locals and their dogs happily make a day of the Great Forest Park Balloon Race. If you’d like to take your dog to such an event, be sure to add it to your calendar.

Finally, keep your calendar where you’ll be most likely to update and refer to it. Use the type of calendar that is easiest for you; paper, online, or your PDA.

May you enjoy 2007 with your dog. Happy New Year!